Mallory Gabsi acquitted in trial for fight at lockdown party

Mallory Gabsi was acquitted on Wednesday by the Brussels Criminal Court for lack of evidence. The young chef and former candidate for the show “Top Chef” was being prosecuted for his alleged involvement in a fight during a “lockdown party” in September 2020. The prosecution had requested a six-month prison sentence.

In September 2020, while taking part in a “lockdown party” in Rhode-Saint-Genèse, on the outskirts of Brussels, the cook noticed that the bag containing his belongings had disappeared. Furious, Mallory Gabsi left the scene to return later, accompanied by a group of people, according to the Hal-Vilvoorde prosecutor’s office. Mallory reportedly accosted two people who were waiting for a car. A fight then broke out and these two people were beaten. One of them was reportedly knocked unconscious and her jaw fractured.

According to the prosecution, several people attended the scene and confirmed that Mallory had indeed struck. The defense vigorously disputed the facts.

The young chef has just won his first star

After new interrogations of the witnesses, the court considered that there was not enough evidence to convict Mallory Gabsi who was therefore acquitted.

In 2020, Mallory Gabsi reached the semi-finals of the 11th season of the cooking show “Top Chef”. In 2022, he opened his own gourmet restaurant in Paris. He has just received his first star in the Michelin guide.


Mallory Gabsi earns her first Michelin star

Mallory Gabsi (“Top Chef”) involved in a fight? New witnesses heard

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