Malik Harris inspires with ESC performance for Germany!

Malik Harris finally experienced his big performance in front of an audience of millions! On Saturday evening the time had finally come for the young musician: After many weeks of exertion and fear, the Landsberger was allowed to compete for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest and perform his song “Rockstars”. Probably a real goosebump moment for the young artist – but how did it happen Malik at the audience?

From piano to guitar to rap – Malik showed all his talents at the cult show. That also excited the spectators in front of the TV screens: Up Twitter the enthusiastic voices began to pile up shortly after the performance. “How nice was that?” wrote one Italian user, while another viewer commented: “You can say what you want: Malik that rocked something! The song is great, probably our best song in many years!”

for Malik it was already a great honor to be able to take part in the competition at all. in the celebrity flashinterview, the 24-year-old explained in advance how much he was looking forward to his performance and how confident he was: “I have a feeling that people want something new!”

Malik Harris in March 2022 in Berlin
Malik Harris, ESC participant 2022
Ricky Harris' son Malik

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Ricky Harris’ son Malik

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