Malena Solda and her villain character in "ATAV 2": "Every day I am more…"

The arrival of “ATAV 2” after the great success of the first season in 2019. The cast has already been fully there is great expectation for what will be seen on the screen of El Trece. Malena Solda will be one of the main figures of the production which began filming several weeks ago.

“I do not know but it may be because every day I’m more bad in the books and we just started. Yesterday I said how much my character wanted to be bad”, commented on the possibility that she is the villain in the development of the first chapters that are being carried out. Furthermore, he mentioned that will be the partner of the character of Juan Gil Navarro.

It was difficult for me to find a production company from the 80s that it could be her because at that time they were all men”, he explained in reference to the person who would give him life in the novel. It should be remembered that the new edition will have some characters that will act as figures of the time, such as Moria Casan.

There are still a few weeks until the return of “ATAV 2”, although certain details are still known. Everything indicates that Malena Solda will be the main villain of the stripalthough there are high expectations with the rest of the cast as well.

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