Makeup for the World Cup: discover 3 tutorials to cheer for Brazil with style and 15+ photos

The hours have already started counting down for Brazil’s debut in the world Cup🇧🇷 The selection’s debut will take place on Thursday (23) and if you’re on the team of beauty lovers, you know that that themed make-up can’t be missing from the crowd!

This mixture of the colors of the Brazilian flag even gained a name from the fashion world: Brasilcore🇧🇷 This trend appeared in decorated nails, in looks and also in makeup. To let you in on it, Purepeople put together 3 quick tutorials to do at home with tips from makeup artists Ju Monteiro, from Werner Botafogo Praia, and Liliana Simões, from Werner Maison.

Oh, and in the gallery of the article there is also more than 15 photos with other references!

1 – Outlined kitten glow

“This is a production for those who like brightness, the point of light in the inner part of the eyes enhances the look and is a great option to highlight this region”, says Ju Monteiro. Let’s go to step by step🇧🇷

– It is important to prepare the skin, moisturize, apply sunscreen, correct imperfections with foundation and concealer.

– After this process, it’s time to draw the famous cat in the eyes, with blue eyeliner. To make it easier, the expert suggests using adhesive tape, so the chances of getting the design right on the first try are much greater.

– Drawn blue kitty, let’s shine! Apply makeup paste to the inner part of the eyes, with your fingers, then, with a brush, apply gold or silver glitter all over the region.

– Finally, very mascara🇧🇷 blush is more neutral mouth🇧🇷

2 – Green and yellow outline

This option is for fans minimalist and who like more different productions. “It’s not a difficult make-up to be reproduced, you just need a little firmness in the hands for the strokes”, explains Liliana Simões.

– After the skin is done, green and yellow eyeliner in hands. The green eyeliner will be used at the base of the eyes, like a kitten shape that extends to the eyelid, and the yellow one, for a precise line in the upper region of the eyelid, following the outline of the eyebrow.

– apply mascara, gloss and blush to round off the production.

3 – Star Smokey brings glow to makeup

This makeup inspiration is to attract another star to the Brazilian national team shirt! According to Liliana, the smoky eye in the lower part of the eyes helps to lift the eyes and make the look even more powerful.

– The first step is to guarantee the base of the face, after this process, do a good job with the smokey eye in the lower part of the eyes – the makeup artist’s suggestion is to bet on the color blue.

– The detail that will make all the difference are the little stars just below the smokey eye. For this, it is necessary to apply makeup glue, and with the help of tweezers, paste three little stars, or more, on each side.

– How the highlight is the lookthe suggestion is a neutral lipstick, blush and mascara to open up the look even more.

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