Makes me want to try Poppers: Is this sex practice?

My new girlfriend is quite the tomboy. She likes to change positions in bed and has incredible stamina. Now he wants me to try Poppers, he says the sex is completely different, even better. But is it safe? What is it anyway? (Vojta, 24 years old)

Vojto, poppers is a slang name for the chemical substances alkyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite or amyl nitrite, which act as aphrodisiacs. It is mainly used during sex, but it can also be breathed in through the nose during normal use. The effects are immediate, with rapid heart palpitations and light-headedness occurring within five to ten seconds. With repeated use, the nose starts to burn, and quite often headaches and nausea also occur. Some studies have shown that nitrites reduce the functionality of the human immune system for several days after consumption. They cause a sharp drop in blood pressure and an increase in heart rate, so it is very dangerous to combine them with stimulants such as meth. Their use poses an increased risk for individuals with a weakened immune system, for those suffering from anemia and especially for people who have had a “stroke”. It is completely unsuitable for use during pregnancy. Prolonged use damages the nose and lungs. If you swallow them, it is essential to call for emergency medical help.

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