Make it run, the review: a scoundrel film that entertains without taking itself (too) seriously

The review of Let it turn: Giampaolo Morelli directs and performs a hilarious and tastyly incorrect comedy (finally!), between cannabis plants and improbable tags. The movie is streaming on Prime Video.

Looking closely, there aren’t very many contemporary Italian actors who have made the leap, alternating between acting and directing. And, among those who succeeded (and also succeeded well), we find Giampaolo Morelli who after the good 7 hours to make you fall in love, returns behind (and in front of) the camera with Let it spinan action-comedy license plate Prime Videos definitely funny that offers more than one hilarious moment thanks to the ability of the director and actor – here also co-writer together with Gianluca Ansanelli and Tito Buffulini – not to take himself seriously and give life to a character he embodies (obviously in an extreme way) our world. Allowing yourself the healthy freedom to play around, immersing yourself in a riot of laughter and bizarre action.

Spin it 20

Make it turn: Giampaolo Morelli during a scene from the film

And then there’s his oratory skills, which he puts into the protagonist, Natan. An oratorical ability made up of social maxims, a certain melancholy and a generous heart make the character a wretch to become attached to. Not only that, he’s surrounded by an equally light-hearted and diverse group of co-stars. Morelli takes typical elements of the Italian comedy and blends them with as many elements of the action that looks to the East – the Chinese mafia is involved between the gang and their dream of bringing cannabis back to the market, and the reference cannot fail to go to Big Trouble in Chinatown – never forgetting Naples and its unique irony.

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Spin it: Fabio Balsamo, Giampaolo Morelli and Ciro Pirello in a photo

A world without cannabis

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Spin it: Michele Placido, Giampaolo Morelli, Fabio Balsamo, Ciro Priello, Giovanni Esposito in one scene

After all, Let it spin revolves (to stay on topic) around a very true concept: “the world is becoming a terrible place”. And Guglielmo Bonetti (Ciro Priello), a committed journalist forced by his boss to write about influencers with dubious notoriety, knows it well. On his phone he has installed an app capable of quantifying how many suicides occur in an hour in the world. A constantly growing number that Guglielmo attributes to the extinction of cannabis due to a virus that has attacked hemp plantations around the world. But one day, while he is at Nathan’s house (Giampaolo Morelliin fact), influencer creator of the expression of the “rooster’s ass” mouth who rose to the headlines for having involuntarily set fire to his girlfriend’s hair live on Instagram, the two find a male specimen of a cannabis plant in his garden.

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Make it turn: a scene from the film

Here is the turning point, the click, the absurd intuition: William sees in that discovery the antidote for the ugliness and unhappiness of the world, Nathan a way to make a fortune. How? Steal the only female specimen of the plant left on the face of the Earth – kept in the gardens of the Vatican – so as to produce seeds to sell to drug traffickers. To do this, he will set up an unlikely gang made up of the journalist, the drug dealer Oreste (Fabio Balsamo) and his brother Arturo (Giovanni Esposito) whom he takes care of because he suffers from a form of retardation. Not only that, they will also be joined – incognito – by the policewoman Sara Nicoletti (Laura Adriani) who, perhaps, will succumb to the improbable charm of Natan.

Giampaolo Morelli: “My first time as a director? Full of fears, but I overcame them by jumping”

A lame comedy!

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Make it turn: Giovanni Esposito and Giampaolo Morelli in a scene from the film

Incorrect (fortunately!) in its comedy, but built by Morelli only pursuing (so to speak) direct and tasty laughter, Make it run widely mocks us and the social world, between tags used as currency, plastic poses (another quote, Zoolanders) and filters that hide our true (disappointing) nature. But the film does not miss the opportunity to throw a few digs at the “intellectuals with rolex”, showing flashes and intuitions that entertain properly in a farcical atmosphere that flows into the action movie, despite a more frayed and less choral central part that loses its initial cohesion. In closing, a small but heartfelt endorsements: honorable mention for Giovanni Esposito and Leopoldo Mastelloni who give away some of the funniest moments of the film. In short, if you are looking for a deliberately scoundrel comedy this is absolutely for you.


An unhappy world without cannabis anymore: an intuition which, as seen in the review of Make it run, offers situations and impulses of pure fun, in a deliberately scoundrel comedy well directed by Giampaolo Morelli. The ensemble cast, however, suffers from cohesion in the second half. This ends up fraying the staging and consequently the comic factor. Note of merit to Giovanni Esposito, incredible actor.

Because we like it

  • The initial idea, which offers hilarious ideas.
  • Morelli, Priello and Balsamo are a close trio…
  • … enhanced by the true talent of Giovanni Esposito.
  • Comedy that is untied (as far as possible) from political correctness.

What’s wrong

  • The cast is choral, and in the second part some dynamics end up fraying.
  • A pleasant vision, but the usual feeling remains: which road is the Italian comedy really taking?

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