Make an unconventional New Year’s resolutions

Especially when everything has become more expensive, it is necessary to save the crown here and there, so why not resort to the “entertainment of the poor”, as they say – Now is the perfect opportunity, maybe even a necessity! And what about New Year’s resolutions? They are often related to health, weight loss or working life – not a word about sex! Isn’t that a pity? Love pranks are the alpha and omega of any well-functioning relationship. And besides, they are also very important for our mental well-being. “There is little talk about it, but even among couples who are otherwise happy together, the passion often fades.” relationship coach Tracey Cox nods. “Most of them then wave their hands over the fact that it’s something that’s just happening after so many years. That’s not true! ”According to Cox, sex should be treated like food – seasoned well, and then enjoyed to the full. Only in this way will stereotypes not control your partner’s life, and you will also do something for yourself – you will feel wanted.

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1. No entry to the bedroom! Sure, it’s comfortable, but it’s definitely not cool. If the only place you run love games is the bedroom, you probably have a problem. “Be creative! Share it on the couch while watching Netflix, take a shared bath as a prelude, ”Tracey urges. “Elevated places are ideal for trying new positions, so don’t be afraid to have sex in the kitchen.”

2. Change one thing at a time Are you used to doing it naked? So keep at least one piece of clothing next time. Do you start your day with sex? Keep it for the evening. According to Cox, even such small changes can happen. “The goal is to stop falling into classic stereotypes, where every time you have sex, you do the same,” he adds.

3. Fall in love with your body Several scientific studies have shown this: If you are not satisfied with yourself, sex is usually worth the old white. “It makes sense. If you are disgusting, how could you like someone touching your body? ”Explains the coach. “Try to accept yourself as you are. After all, if your partner didn’t like your ass, it would be hard for you to slap him so often. Believe in yourself and you will see that you will enjoy sex more and the frequency of your orgasm will probably increase. “

4. Sex longer or more common It is probably not good to compile a weekly schedule for love games. But you can set goals that you will work together to achieve. How about indulging in sex more often? Or are you satisfied with the frequency and would you rather welcome “it” only 15 minutes? Tell your counterpart and work on it!

5. Courage to speak For many couples, the conversation about sex is still taboo. But communicating your feelings, saying what we like or not is the key to success. “What location do you enjoy the most? Should I be softer? Don’t be ashamed to ask such questions, it will only be to your advantage, “advises Tracey, adding a tip for more shy people. “If you would like to try something new, but you are afraid to say it directly, you can start: I had such a dream tonight…”

6. More frequent and better orgasm If you have problems with climax, focus on what usually happens to your body during an orgasm, and imitate it – breathe faster, tense your muscles, moan. This will give your brain a signal that your moment is approaching, and you will probably reach it more easily. “If you want to experience more orgasms during one act, change the style of stimulation. Replace oral intercourse with sexual intercourse or vice versa, “urges the expert.

7. Complete the task from the following list Don’t be narrow-breasted! Aim to accomplish at least one of the tasks that Tracey Cox has prepared for you: • Tie each other during sex. • Incorporate ice into your games. • Buy new sex toys. • Shoot an exciting video together or take nude pictures together. • Have sex in a busy (or public – advanced version). • Watch porn together.

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