Maite Perroni’s plans for 2023 now that she is pregnant: will she do the RBD tour?

Since RBD announced their comeback tourcalled “Soy Rebelde World”, fans of the Mexican band look forward to the dates of their concerts. However, after one of the members, Maite Perroni, will announce her pregnancyit was questioned whether he would remain in the project.

The actress of “Who killed Sara?” revealed, on January 6, that is waiting for his first son with Andrés Tovarthe television producer with whom she married after a year of relationship, approximately.

Although the announcement has been recent, recently Sweet Maria confirmed that, in reality, her pregnancy is already several months oldWell, they are waiting for me to give birth. around the month of aprilso it is estimated that it is almost 6 months pregnant.

I finish recording (the novel ‘I think of you’) around April. ‘Mai’ (Maite Perroni) has to have her baby there more or less (around those dates)”, she stated during her appearance on the Hoy program.


Maite Perroni has just confirmed that he will continue with his plans to participate in the tour “Soy Rebelde World Tour”, despite having announced that she is pregnant. In an interview with assured that he will be together with the rest of the RBD members on stage.

What a year awaits me! I am going to be a mother, I am going to give life to the most important being in my life and also I’m going to be with my brothers againwith all those people who have given us so much love“, he claimed.

Dulce María and Anahí, who carry their little ones, while Maite Perroni shows a bit of her pregnant belly (Photo: Anahí / Instagram)

However, considering how far along you are in your pregnancy, you probably will give birth before August 25, date on which the tour begins. Therefore, it is taking certain precautions to rrecovering from childbirth and having to be separated from your baby temporarily.

I’m ready for it from the physical and emotional to be able to live this stage. The truth is a beautiful stage, I can not complain, it is a beautiful stage. I feel super lucky I think it’s a great 2023″, he added.


The RBD tour is not the only thing that Maite Perroni has planned for 2023, as she is not going to put aside her career as an actresswhich has become their main activity since the group disbanded.

The February 22, the new series will premiere on Netflix in which he stars, called “Triad”, which revolves around a woman who meets two people identical to her.

Premiere of a series where I am a partner of Argos and Netflix, which It’s called ‘Triad’. We started in February. I am overflowing with gratitude, with fullness, with many emotions”, he explained.

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