Maisie Williams will be a former beauty queen accused of raping Mormon Freddie Highmore

Maisie Williams will be a former man-eating beauty queen accused of rape by a Mormon missionary who will have the face of Freddie Highmore in

Maisie Williams she will be a beauty queen accused of kidnapping and raping the Mormon Freddie Highmore in comedy Sinner V. Saintsdirected by Tim Kirkby.

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The bizarre true story of a former American beauty queen accused of kidnapping and raping a Mormon missionary in England will be told in the film Sinner V. Saints. Shooting will begin in the first quarter of 2023 in the US and UK.

Set in 1970s Los Angeles and London, Sinner V. Saints is based on the true story of Joyce McKinney, who went to great lengths to stop the Mormon Church from taking away her sexual obsession: a Mormon missionary named Kirk Anderson . The sordid relationship – which was at the heart of Errol Morris’s 2010 documentary Tabloid – ended in the worst possible way leading to the kidnapping and rape charges against McKinney.

“It’s rare to find such a bizarre true story with compelling characters and weird twists like this,” said producer Andriana Williams. “All-consuming passion, absurd violation of the law and outrageous antics made headlines around the world and can be a sure source of entertainment even today.”

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The script for the play, written by Jill Hoppe, is based on the book by Anthony Delano Joyce McKinney and the Case of the Manacled Mormon.

Starting May 31, Maisie Williams will compete with another “extreme” role, that of punk model Jordan, in Pistol, Danny Boyle’s series focused on the Sex Pistols.

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