Maisa Silva is defended by João Gomes after a prick from Sonia Abrão: ‘Annoying woman’

Sonia Abrão vs Maisa Silva: what is the controversy?

The presenter of the afternoon of RedeTV! did not approve the choice of Maisa to command the new “Video Show”, which has been out for more than three years. For Sonia, the former SBT presenter is not the best name to take on the attraction that debuted in 1983 alone.

“I find Maisa boring and unsympathetic. She may be competent in her niche, but even the show she did on SBT didn’t do well. I can’t understand all that they do around her. last a long time. If I’m wrong, I bite my tongue and I’ll swallow what I’m saying”, he pondered.

“I don’t think it lasts long,” he added, commenting on information from columnist Alessandro Lo-Bianco and recommending that Maisa continue to be part of the cast of series on pay TV. Between 2014 and 2019, the “Video Show” had a series of changes, scenarios, format and presenters. Monica Iozzi, Joaquim Lopes, Susana Vieira, Sophia Abrão, Anna Clara Lima, and Otaviano Costa, among others, passed through the bench only during this period.

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