Maíra Cardi receives proof of love from her boyfriend, Thiago Nigro: ‘Now I know it’s real!’. know what it is

Boyfriends, Maíra Cardi and Thiago Nigro, Primo Rico, attended the show Maiara and Maraisa early this Sunday (13). The sertanejas sang at Espaço Unimed, in São Paulo, the day after performing on Luan Santana’s ship, with the right to exchange a kiss between Maiara and Fernando Zor (the couple reconciled once more), who again honored his girlfriend.

With dating assumed on the first day of March, Maíra and Thiago honored the sertanejas in the area of ​​the tables of the concert hall, which also received Érika Januza. The new couple that has been making headlines on the web has never been photographed kissing.

However, the photographers made moments of the influencer and the coach exchanging passionate looks and smiles.

Maíra Cardi’s boyfriend was surprised by photographers at a show

Already on her Instagram account, Maíra delivered a curiosity of her boyfriend, when they were on their way home after the sertaneja show. “Man, I got my life back! I managed to bring him to a show (scheduled to start at midnight). You don’t understand. Thiago sleeps early, early, early. He hates sleeping late”, shot the coach, involved in controversy when claiming to be submissive to the boyfriend.

Still in her Stories, the influencer said that she received an invitation from Maiara and Maraisa and that Thiago was surprised by the photos they took of them. “She had a fit of laughter and I had a fit of despair. ‘What’s going on?'”, recalled Cousin Rico, who had already shown discomfort with the exposure of their relationship.

“You took a while to understand that you were a photographer. Always smile!”, recommended Arthur Aguiar’s ex-wife in the sequence of videos. And Maíra said she took the proof of the coach’s feelings. “Now I know it’s true love! The guy doesn’t like to leave the house. We left the house, we went to a sertanejo show, we faced the bazooka of the papers (sic), the photographers, he was sitting pretty. I killed my life!”, vibrated .

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