Maíra Cardi counters Paulo André after refusing room for son: ‘He never thanked me’

Maíra Cardi broke the hiatus of social networks to which she and her husband, Arthur Aguiar, submitted to comment on some of the most recent controversies with the couple’s name (about the actor’s alleged new “skid”, she has not yet spoken) . The coach made a long rant about Paulo André, who refused the baby room she had offered to the athlete’s son. The attitude divided opinions on the web.

Maíra says that she tried to contact the family numerous times to make the gift a reality, but she only received apologies. “I saw an article saying that the PA was super grateful that I gave him the gifts, but he wouldn’t accept it because he didn’t need it and now he already had his money, but that he had been very grateful and was very grateful. If he was very grateful, he was internally, because he never said that to me, he never thanked me“, said the coach.


Maíra stressed that she has a lot of money to give her daughter several gifts, but guaranteed that she is super happy when the little one receives gifts from other people. She took the opportunity to give the athlete a light prick. “My daughter receiving a gift and me not accepting it shows such insensitivity on my part, a silly ego, unnecessary pride. It has nothing to do with whether or not I have money. Every time someone gives her something, I receive it so happy,” she said.

Maíra also commented on the fact that Paulo André stopped following her on social media a few days after the end of “BBB 22”. “I have no idea why you stopped following me. My heart is super at peace. Everyone gives what they have and I just have a lot of love and gratitude to give“, he stated.

Finally, Maíra apologized to Paulo André. “Sorry, PA, if you were offended. I never imagined it. As a mother, I would never be offended. I am very happy when they give things to my daughter and I have a lot of money, money to give all that and ten times more. But when I receive it, I receive it with gratitude“, he countered.

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