Maiara’s sister, Maraisa describes the first flight after Marília Mendonça’s death. Look!

Marília Mendonça’s death shakes the country

Considered one of the greatest current phenomena in Brazilian music, Marília strengthened the role of women in the sertanejo, a genre hitherto dominated by men. The artist’s death reverberated in the international press and moved the artistic world. Thousands of people attended Marília’s wake in Goiânia. Fans, relatives and friends paid their last tribute to the most heard singer in the country in recent years.

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Maraisa vents about tragedy

After the funeral, Maraisa published a video in which she appeared with Maiara and the duo Henrique and Juliano, who sang at the place and later participated in the procession through the city alongside the twins.

“Everything in my body hurts… I only know how to talk crying and you very well know how bad I am at these things. I never imagined that one day I would have to get a black outfit to go meet you for the last time like it was today. , I played and when they were going to close I already thought that I would never see you again!”, he lamented.

“What about our dreams? What about our plans? I’m dissatisfied, in alpha! I start to say something and forget it! I’m strong and suddenly I go off the rails! I’m going to sing and it feels like I’ve never done that in my life. I wanted to hear ours album with you, always remembering why we chose each track, but you don’t respond… You don’t say anything… It feels like you’re sleeping in a princess’s dream!”, he continued.

“Gathering my pieces, my strength, talking to God and asking Him for help, more than ever, because I’ve never had to talk to someone locked in a wooden box. Friend… I know you more than anyone else , would want me to understand and I don’t even know if you listen to me”, he said.

“But this time you won’t have the unshakable Maraisa. It’s a pain, a sadness… Living and dying at the same time! I’ll never understand! But I’ll always love you. And I’ll honor your name and your dreams until the end. end of my life!” he affirmed.

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