Maiara’s duo, Maraisa thanks fans after Marília Mendonça’s death: ‘Making lighter’

Maraisa used Instagram Stories to thank the fans for the affection during the last two weeks. Living in mourning after the tragic death of Marília Mendonça, the singer, along with her sister, Maiara, has received strength from the audience present at the shows. Last week, the pair made their first appearance after the plane crash that killed the Queen of Suffering and four others.

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“I want to thank each of you who are welcoming us, sending us loving messages and encouraging us to move forward! You have no idea how you’re lightening this moment and making us believe we’re really capable! !”, wrote Maraisa in the post.

Maraisa explains why she took over shows by Marília Mendonça

After the death of Marília Mendonça, the sisters took over the shows that Leo’s mother would do. On her social networks, Maraisa explained the reason for the decision. “When the office was deciding on who would do the shows on Lila’s schedule, I made myself available to do them all, as long as God gives me strength! I’ll fulfill everyone I can because I can’t imagine anyone doing this other than me and my sister.” wrote in Instagram stories.

“For me it’s very difficult to force a smile in front of all this, to take pictures, to show myself well on stage, because actually I’ll never be. But God, little by little, gives understanding and showing that we couldn’t stop. she. For us!”, continued the artist, who has already admitted that it is very difficult to deal with grief.

This week, Maiara and Maraisa canceled their concert in the city of Caratinga, in Minas Gerais, the site of Marília Mendonça’s accident. In a statement sent to the press, the staff of the pair said that the two are not emotionally well enough to make a presentation in the same place as their friend’s death. The show would take place at Parque de Exposições João da Costa Mafra, the same place where Marília would perform on the Friday of her death.

Maraisa talks about her first show without Marília Mendonça: ‘ Tremendous challenge’

Maiara and Maraisa returned to the stage nine days after their friend’s death. On Instagram, Maraisa talked about the moment and remembered the singer, with whom she was on the cover of Forbes magazine. “It was a tremendous challenge for us! The first show we “covered” for our Lila! The responsibility was huge! But when we stepped on this stage, we felt the energy of these people so in love with her! And through the smiles, screams and looks, we proved that we are capable of making, not just one, but every night, special and unforgettable!”, began Maraisa.

“And we could feel, stronger than ever, her presence there, in each look and in each tear! Gratitude Lorena-SP, for welcoming us and, through this love, making us feel stronger and braver to face this challenge! were amazing! It was wonderful! Thank you to everyone who showed their love! Mistresses”, concluded the singer.

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