Maiara opens up about singleness: “I choose to be happy! I free myself now from any prison!”

Single since the end of the yo-yo relationship with Fernando Zorthe sertaneja Maiaraaged 34, took to Instagram to talk about happiness, self-esteem, freedom and love.

“It’s about feeling loved and at the same time being free… It’s about not needing anyone’s approval and being able to be the real me… It’s about being successful, a family that loves me beyond anything, friends that love me love… It’s about feeling safe even walking alone, it’s about always having someone to tell… And thank God I do!”, she began.

Maiara added: “I learned that in this life one thing does not exclude the other… I can be successful, loved by the people around me, have a family that regardless of my success or not are always with me, it’s about me not needing from anyone’s approval and not to please anyone to feel whole and accepted by society”, she continued.

The artist stressed that she is already a loved and successful person, and that she can “nullify any type of rejection”.

“That I am already a successful person and loved by everyone and that is why I can also nullify any kind of rejection that I have already felt, because today I feel safe and I do not run away from the good things in life, that I can do what I want I want, including getting married and having children and this will not interfere with my work, quite the contrary, it will make me happier, I am already very happy, it’s about me working with what I love and I am totally fulfilled by it, that I have the right to build all the dreams that I want so much, and I’m going to build much more… It’s being grateful for God giving me the wonderful life I have! Gratitude for the people who believe in me, live my work, and turn my dreams into reality!

“That I live my life without thinking about what others will think of me, that I am loved and even so I spread my wings and fly around the world in peace and if I want to go back there will be a lot of people waiting for me! Folks… One thing does not exclude the other!!! I don’t have to choose one thing or another! I choose to be happy! Free myself now from any prison! God is good all the time! I only ask God to remove all limitations from my life and that I can live it in the fullest and most beautiful way! I wish that for you too! Have gratitude for your life! You are already a miracle! Be positive! Always look on the bright side! You can all! God bless you and may you realize all your dreams! May above all live in peace, in love, full of the Holy Spirit… After all, that’s all about it… All honor and glory to him! A great night to all of you! You deserve it!” concluded Maiara.

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