Maiara and Fernando separated? Sertaneja appears without an alliance and fans suspect a new breakup. Look!

The fans of Maiara and Fernando were surprised by the fact that the sertaneja was walking around without an alliance in the last shows. This is because the couple, who recently resumed their relationship, are engaged again and have exchanged engagement rings. Admirers of the sertanejos suspected a new breakup, but the press office of Maraisa’s duo denied that the two are separated in a conversation with columnist Leo Dias, from “Metropoles”. According to the singer’s team, “everything is going great between her and Fernando Zor, and that the engagement ring was taken off to undergo an adjustment”.

The couple got engaged during a trip to Dubai in February last year, but have split up a few times so far. But now the fans are convinced that the wedding is on and a recent indication has given even more strength to the crowd: Maiara and Fernando posed for a photo next to Father Luiz Henrique, just before the recording of Murilo Huff’s DVD, which the singer participated together with sister Maraisa. The religious man left the admirers of the shipper “MaFe” excited when he captioned the photo like this: “Too good to be with you, my friends Maiara and Fernando. Can anyone guess what the subject of this meeting was? (laughs)”.

The excitement over the couple’s return is so great that relationship enthusiasts are already thinking about heirs. However, Maiara told the newspaper “O Dia” that she is a child, at the moment, only participants in “The Voice Kids”, a program on which she is a judge alongside Maraisa. “So, as we don’t have that pretension, for now we’re going to take these boys and put them to sing like their son”, said Maiara. “But we are already training. Here is training”, joked the singer, about the young candidates who shine in the attraction.

Fernando responds to threat from Maiara’s fan: ‘I’m tired of people like you’

After the last turn of the relationship, a fan left a threatening comment for Fernando. “You don’t take good care of her, not to see if the dick doesn’t find you, Fernando. Get smart, huh?!”, wrote the internet user, on the singer’s page. He didn’t like the tone of the comment and went straight: “When did I not take care of her, my friend?”.

“You have a habit of believing everything you see on the internet, no man’s land. I’m tired of people like you coming with that tone of voice, as if I were a monster. I’m tired of being approached on the street with this subject. finger in my face, for God’s sake! I’m not what you think I am. I’m 38 years old, I have two daughters and I have a religious family, wonderful parents, who sometimes ask me what’s going on.. . It ends up slipping on them. I’m not that monster”, he reinforced.

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