Magnusek after the secret divorce: He wanted to drive it into the wall with his car

The director managed to keep the divorce perfectly secret. After all, two long years have passed since him! “I’ll tell you just one thing: it just happened. But I still like my ex-mistress. She is a great woman. I hate it when someone talks bad about their ex-wife. So why was he with her? I respect my ex-wife for the way she raised my children and that I was able to do a lot of things because of her as well.” expressed gratitude to his ex-wife for For both, their two children are now a priority.

Director Magnusek has lost almost half of his weight: But he suffers like an animal!

In the past, Magnusek had mental problems, which he also spoke about only now. “I once experienced a moment when I was flying along the highway from Prague to Náchod after terrible h***s and I already wanted to tear it down on the D11 and burn it into the wall there, because it was terrible. A terrible thing that happened to me,” the director confided on the TikTok social network. It started in 2009, when his movie Pamětnice premiered in the cinema.

“No one came to the cinema at that time and I had three and a half million in debt, and my ex-wife Gábina was slowly dying in the hospital because she had a blood swelling as big as the fetus in her belly. I was almost alone with my son at the time. The whole thing went wrong, so I really thought I was going to kill myself,” Tomáš recalled the dark past. In the end, however, he managed to solve everything, and since then, he says, he hasn’t even thought about anything like that.

Bastards clip from the movie

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