Magic weapon ginger: These 4 preparation mistakes weaken the effect of ginger

Ginger is known to have many health benefits. However, some typical mistakes in the preparation can weaken the effect of the root. You should pay attention to this.

Ginger is a popular superfood, especially in autumn and winter, because the tuber strengthens our immune system and reduces inflammation in the body. It also stimulates metabolism and digestion. Ginger can be used in many ways – as a tea, in a smoothie or for seasoning in curries and the like. Highly concentrated shots are particularly popular (caution, spicy!). No matter which preparation method you choose, there are a few things you should pay attention to so that ginger can develop its full effect as a health booster.

Preparation of ginger: You should avoid these mistakes

1. Peel the ginger

With ginger, most of the vitamins and other nutrients are located directly under the skin. Many people make the mistake of peeling the ginger root before proceeding further. So many health benefits are lost. Therefore leave the skin on and pay attention to organic quality so that there are no harmful substances on it. And of course don’t forget to wash it thoroughly before processing!

2. Cut too large pieces

Ginger owes many health effects to the so-called pungent substances, including gingerol and shogaol. And these pungent substances unfold above all on the freshly cut surfaces. That’s why you give away some of the positive effects if you cut the root too roughly. It is better to cut the ginger pieces as small as possible so that the spicy substances can be used effectively.

3. Cut the ginger too early

And another typical preparation error when cutting the ginger: Once cut open, the pungent substances quickly lose their positive health effects. You should therefore only cut the tuber immediately before processing it. So it’s best not to chop while the water for the tea is boiling, but just before the pieces end up in the cup.

4. Not steeping the ginger tea long enough

In tea, ginger is a popular and very healthy home remedy. However, some mistakes can happen during the brewing time – especially if the ginger pieces do not stay in the water long enough. Five to ten minutes is ideal. If you like it very spicy, you can let the ginger steep a little longer.

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