Magic remedies: Butterfly Pea Tea: magic to infuse

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Butterfly Pea Tea: magic to infuse

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Attention, now it’s going to be magical! Everyone knows black or green tea: r, but have you ever had blue tea? Butterfly Pea Tea, also known as Clitoria Tea, not only looks great, it also convinces with a number of other benefits.

Clitoria Tea doesn’t sound very tempting at first and is more like a cosmetic treatment beyond the waistline. The blue tea is a real all-round talent: as a cocktail, smoothie, on ice or pure – there are almost no limits to the imagination. Our first impression was not that far away: The flowers from which the tea is made are reminiscent of the female sexual organ. And best of all: it can change color!

Butterfly Pea Tea – What is it exactly?

Clitoria Tea or Butterfly Pea Tea is a cobalt blue tea from Asia that is used in Ayuvedic healing. It is made from the petals of the blue clitoris, also known as the pubic flower in this country. For tea, the butterfly pea flowers are collected during their flowering in the early morning hours and immediately dried in the sun.

Play of colors

Freshly poured, the tea is a real eye-catcher with its cobalt blue color. But conjure up the right surprise effect with a few squirts of lemon juice. Then it changes its color and becomes purple to pink. If you add hibiscus flowers, it changes color to light red. You won’t give him any pleasure with just mineral water, because when mixed with it, the Clitoria Tea will turn gray. The color change results from the change in the pH value. No wonder that the tea is also very popular in cocktails and is used to color dishes.

Butterfly Pea Tea

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She is brewed into the Butterfly Pea Tea

Simply put five to ten flowers in a cup and pour hot water over them, let them steep for 5 to 8 minutes – the cobalt blue tea is ready!

Butterfly Pea Tea is traditionally served with honey and lemon on ice, but you can also make delicious iced tea or smoothies with it, or mix it with milk or plant-based drink to make a delicious Blue Butterfly Pea Latte.

How does the blue tea taste?

The Butterfly Pea Tea has a very mild taste and reminds me of black or green tea with its soft, wooden and earthy notes. The tea is caffeine-free.

What is the effect of the tea?

The Butterfly Pea Tea has long been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine against various diseases, stress, depression and to improve memory. It is said to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, to have a calming and anxiety-relieving effect, as well as to have a dehydrating and antispasmodic effect. But not only that, it should also strengthen the hair, reduce the formation of wrinkles and delay the graying of the hair through the blood circulation in the scalp. The tea is also said to have a positive effect on eyesight and fertility.

Where can i get it?

Online or in many organic markets and health food stores.


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