Magic Mike’s Last Dance will conclude with a 30-minute dance sequence

Director Steven Soderbergh has revealed that the film Magic Mike’s Last Dance will end with an epic 30-minute dance sequence.

Steven Soderbergh revealed that Magic Mike’s Last Dance will end with one dance scene ben’s lifelong epic 30 minutes
The filmmaker, in a new interview with Empire magazine, talked about the next project with star Channing Tatum, arriving in US theaters on Valentine’s Day 2023.

Speaking about the making of Magic Mike – The Last Dance, Steven Soderbergh said: “We wanted to blow up the dance sequences in a big way. We have this dance number with Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek at its core. And then the last 30 minutes, and beyond, of the film is just this giant dance sequence“.

Filming took place in London, specifically at the Clapham Grand theatre: “That was fun. It is not possible to have a bad shot in that place“.

The director then said that he worked hard to make each dance scene different, a situation that represented a real challenge. Furthermore, the third chapter of the story will allow us to address different themes: “The third movie really dives into the dynamics that exist when Mike is in a relationship. This allows us to have a dynamic and conversations that we have not previously been able to engage in“.

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Steven Soderbergh returned to direct the franchise for Magic Mike’s Last Dance. The screenplay is signed by Reid Carolyn, while Gregory Jacobs will be one of the producers after making behind the camera Magic Mike XXL.

The first two chapters of the Channing Tatum-starring story grossed nearly $300 million worldwide.
Among the interpreters of the unpublished chapter of the franchise there is also Salma Hayek, who replaced Thandiwe Newton in April while filming was already underway in London.

The first two installments of the story grossed nearly $300 million worldwide.

The official synopsis teases:
After a long hiatus and a failed deal that left him broke and forced him to work as a bar tender in Florida clubs, it’s time for “Magic” Mike Lane (Tatum) to return to the stage. Hoping to attend what he considers the last show of his career, Mike heads to London with a wealthy woman in high places (Salma Hayek Pinault) who lures him with an offer he can’t refuse. .and an agenda already planned. The stakes are high when Mike discovers what the woman is really up to: Will she, along with a new group of dancers to get back on track, be able to pull it off?

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