Magic Mike 3: a sexy last dance for Channing Tatum in the trailer

Channing Tatum is back with “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”, the third film in the saga still directed by Steven Soderbergh. This time, the former stripper is going to London with Salma Hayek to put on a musical show.

magic mikean unexpected trilogy

Although his career was already well underway in 2012, Channing Tatum was treated to a hell of a spotlight with magic mike. A film directed by an important author of American cinema, Steven Soderbergh, and which is inspired by the actor’s stripper experience. Indeed, long before breaking into Hollywood, Tatum was part of a chippendales troupe called Male Ecounter. With this information in mind, the film had something to intrigue. And the result lives up to expectations. Soderbergh giving another image of this universe and showcasing dance.

Channing Tatum – Magic Mikes Last Dance ©Warner Bros.

As a reminder, we follow Michael Lane (Channing Tatum), stripper in a club in Florida and nicknamed “Magic Mike”. His life will be turned upside down when he takes young Adam under his wing and meets his sister, Brooke. Made for $5 million, the film earned nearly $168 million at the worldwide box office. What motivate Warner Bros. to produce a suite, Magic Mike XXL (2015), solely produced by Steven Soderbergh and with Channing Tatum reprising his role. Also returning were Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello, but not Matthew McConaughey. The team will be further reduced with the third film titled Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

Head to London for one last dance

In this Magic Mike 3whose the trailer has been unveiled (in one article), Michael will meet a woman played by Salma Hayek and reveal her past as a stripteaser. After a very sexy dance with the latter, the duo will go in London to put on a musical show.

It is therefore always more the dance that will be at the center of this film, but also the romance between the two protagonists. Magic Mike’s Last Dance has the air of a musical which makes the project all the more intriguing. Finally, Warner Bros. seems to want to sell the film as the perfect romance for valentine’s day since it will be released on February 10 in the United States. In France, the film has no date yet.

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