Magaly said goodbye to Diego Bertie: “He kept his life quite discreetly”

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Diego Bertie He passed away in the early hours of this Friday, August 5, and different personalities have spoken on social networks to say goodbye to the Peruvian actor. Such is the case of the host Magaly Medina, who used several minutes of her program to say goodbye to the national artist.

The presenter of the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” was very moved when referring to the death of the renowned actor.

“It was shocking to receive the news. You feel like you’ve known him forever, even though I only knew him on screen and through his plays on stage. I was not his friend, but he is a man who conveyed a lot of sympathy and charisma, something that those who claim to have talent lack.Medina said.

“He was a gallant, handsome, elegant and classy. A mysterious guy who always kept his life surrounded by a lot of discretion”, he added.

As recalled, the actor died in the early hours of August 5 after falling from his apartment, located on the 14th floor of a building in Miraflores. Tatiana Astengo, Karina Calmet, Gonzalo Torres, Christian Meier and more mourned his death.

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