Magaly Medina on the luxury life of Tefi, Mayra Goñi and Paula Manzanal: “Give us your secret”

The entertainment journalist, Magaly Medina, questioned the luxurious life of the influencers Tefi Valenzuela, Mayra Goñi and Paula Manzanal. She did so after presenting a report on her program ‘Magaly TV, the firm’ about the great life that these national television figures lead.

Tefi Valenzuela, Mayra Goñi and Paula Manzanal are not afraid to publish their trips, party nights, luxury brands with which they dress and luxury cars with which they have fun, according to detailed images of Magaly Medina.

Let them give us their secret because everyone here is waiting like they do. The truth is that it is a secret that we, well, we do not even imagine, because they have a lifestyle that does not deprive themselves of anything, not even good nightclubs, good restaurants, expensive clothes, expensive handbags, they shine in exclusive high-end cars , that are not theirs that must be from a friend or friend“said the journalist.

The television host recalled the past of the actress Mayra Goñi, who suffered from some economic deprivations, however, today she has a different type of life.

Mayra Goñi appeared on television one day saying that she had no money and that she was only eating rice with eggs, do you remember? But it seems that she got a charity or some NGO that provides her with those luxuries, or she suddenly inherited an amount from some grandmother that allows her to afford all those luxuries. In the case of Mayra Goñi, she is lucky as a field, she left them there”, added the ‘Magpie’.


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