Magaly Medina: Giuliana Rengifo confirms that she did have a relationship with Alfredo Zambrano

Giuliana Rengifo appeared this Tuesday on the set of “Amor y Fuego” and confirmed that years ago she had a romantic relationship with Alfredo Zambrano, husband of Magaly medina. However, the singer clarified that she never got into a love triangle, since the notary was single when the two began to meet.

“Giuliana, did you have a relationship with Alfredo Zambrano?” Gigi Miter questioned the national interpreter. “Yes”, Rengifo responded immediately.

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After his answer, Rodrigo González intervened to question the time in which Rengifo maintained the relationship with the notary, since as is known Zambrano and Magaly Medina have a relationship of ten years.

“You did have a romantic relationship with Alfredo Zambrano. You said that you had a relationship with the penguin six years ago and their relationship is ten years old, there is something here that does not close in the accounts ”, the Willax TV host was questioned.

“What I know is that they always ended up and came back, and I think you know them too, ‘Peluchín’ you have been a good friend of her. They always fought and came back, a very close source told me that every time they finished he did his thing “, Giuliana replied.

“What is wrong that I have had a relationship with this man, he being alone? What is wrong?” the cumbiambera emphasized.

Giuliana revealed that she had a relationship of a month and a half with the notary, also explained the reasons why they ended. “We were there for about a month and so much, we ended because I had a two-month tour in the United States, at that time I realized that this relationship was not enough for more. In that month and a half we saw little of each other, but he always worried about me ”, commented.

Finally, the singer revealed that she met Zambrano through some friends they have in common. “We did not meet through mutual friends, yes (singers). The issue here is that I want to make it clear that I did not get into any relationship, I went out with the Lord, it ended and I say Where is the sin? “


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