Magaly fights with Lucy Cabrera LIVE and asks security to remove her from the channel

Magaly Medina He had a strong altercation with Lucy Cabrera while addressing the case of Ronald Hidalgo, imitator of Juan Gabriel, who has been accused of tricking his son and preventing his ex-partner from communicating with him.

The ‘Urraca’ was interviewing the complainant, Lisset Cárdenas, when she asked the artist to enter the set, however, Lucy Cabrerawho is the artist’s lawyer, also demanded to be present on the set.

This caused the show host to rebuke her and attack her after considering that Ronald Hidalgo he could defend himself, just like his ex-partner.

Can’t only your sponsored speak? You (Lucy) are doing the show and because of your show I’m going to have to end this topic here because I can’t lend myself to a circus. (…) Let’s go to a cut, I don’t like the cheap show”, attacked the ‘Magpie’.

After a tense exchange of words, Magaly Medina confirmed that he asked security members to remove the exvedette from the ATV facilities.

Mrs. Cabrera wanted to be the protagonist and leave the imitator of ‘Yo Soy’ in the background and she has made this whole show. Lawyers like this, what they do rather is that the parents do not look for things in common, and that they do not come to reconcile. (…) I found the show that this lady does pathetic, she says that her sponsor cannot sit here without her”, he added.


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