Magali Berdah breaks down in tears in "TPMP"the terrible confessions of his daughter, Shauna live…

She made a lot of tears flow with her text filled with sincerity. On the occasion of TPMP XXL, Valérie Bénaïm surprised Magali Berdah by inviting her daughter, Shauna. The pretty teenager was entitled to compliments from Jean-Michel Maire for her beauty, before he was cropped by the mother of the evening guest and she could speak on the set. The young girl explained that her visit was intended to throw a big file on her mother and the times when she had fun calling her in private in the company of certain reality TV candidates to make a few jokes.

However, it was only a pretext. Indeed, if Magali Berdah’s daughter landed on the set of TPMP XXLit was especially to share all the love she has for her mother. “To tell the truth, it’s mostly a pretext because Shauna had something to tell you”announces Valérie Benaïm before Shauna takes out a page to read it aloud. “Where to start…”, she begins before shedding a few tears and having trouble reciting her text.

Complicated last months

After a few seconds, the young girl finally finds the strength to speak and speak to her mother. “People may not know it but we have just lived through a few complicated years between burglaries, my school harassment which was unfair and a real ordeal for me,…” she reveals at first, plunging Magali Berdah into deep sadness, unable to prevent the tears from flowing down her cheeks.

His daughter then continues his statement by returning to the difficult times experienced by the family: “I admit that life has not spared us. We can say that for a few months, finally several years, we have been living several lives in one. From catastrophic episodes to wonderful episodes. Sometimes it’s a bit much for a little person like me but especially for you I came here this evening to tell you that I am proud of you I know everything you are doing at the moment and I am sure of one thing, it is that grandma there -top must be damn proud. Thank you for everything you have done and supported for us for years. Because we know that you don’t do it just for me but for me and all my sisters”. A great emotion then seized the columnists around the table. Magali Berdah, for her part, was obviously touched by her daughter’s words, especially since she “never makes statements”.

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