Maeva Ghennam’s buttocks will be reduced: the surgery-loving starlet doesn’t want it anymore!

Maeva Ghennam is ready to give up her bimbo plastic to find a more natural silhouette. Indeed, the star of the Marseillais announced on social networks that she regretted having succumbed to the madness of cosmetic surgery. Sitting on her bed facing the camera, the pretty brunette confided in the reasons for this new decision. “I wanted to talk to you about cosmetic surgery. I wanted to give you my opinion on this. I used to do too many injections. My face was bloated. Since I took everything away, I love myself too much, I find myself too beautiful. I know that right now, everything that is injections, cosmetic surgery is all the rage and frankly I am the best example. Girls, we are really much more beautiful without injection, without all that. Don’t be fooled by everything on Instagram. I regret having done all this and luckily there is a product to remove all the injections. “

Greg Yega’s girlfriend is therefore nostalgic for his old face and old curves. She also added to have “completely stopped the botox. “” Before if I frowned and it wasn’t frozen, I didn’t like it. I went to my surgeon to do botox every 6 months. There I stop completely and I find myself much more beautiful by having expressions. “A statement that did not fail to react to his community. But that’s not all ! The reality show contestant is also ready to say goodbye to her prominent butt. “I’m thinking because I don’t want to have big butt anymore. I am trying to remove my buttocks because now I find that having too big buttocks, as I have now, I find it vulgar. It is more beautiful a natural girl. A radical change for Maeva Ghennam!

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