Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) in cold with Carla Moreau since the history of witchcraft, she speaks for the first time

Milla Jasmine about to participate in the Marseillais to settle accounts with Maeva Ghennam? She answers. And the Marseillais candidate is not cold with Milla Jasmine … Since the witchcraft affair, Maeva Ghennam no longer speaks to Carla Moreau. A difficult period for the beautiful brunette, since Carla was her best friend. And during an interview with Laura Lempika, published on her Youtube channel, Maeva Ghennam confided in open heart for the first time on this story. A video that we suggest you discover by going a little further down in this article.

The day I told myself that Carla shouldn’t be in my life anymore, I cried

“People think it was easy for me and that Carla is the victim in the story. But I suffered a lot. And I’m in therapy (…) I would never have done this at my best friend. But in the opposite case, I would have done everything to apologize. I would never have lied. I would have done everything to preserve our friendship. (…) What she did to me, that hurt me too much. It was like a breakup. I didn’t want to believe it. I swallowed all the lies. I didn’t want to no longer be friends with her (…) I am told that Carla should no longer be part of my life, I cried (…) I lost confidence in everyone! “, said Maeva Ghennam in particular.

So, will Carla Moreau respond to Maeva Ghennam? Will she try to put the pieces back together? It’s a new case to follow … But whatever the case, something has been broken between the two young women. In a completely different register, we let you discover if Maeva Ghennam and Océane El Himer have become friends or not.

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