Maeva and Greg cold? These revelations sow doubt

Maeva Ghennam

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Credit: Instagram aqababe

Greg and Maeva Ghennam are they still a couple? All the details here.

Between Greg and Maeva Ghennam, it’s a never-ending story … Suddenly they are together and suddenly they are separated! But the latest news says they would be a good couple now. While filming Marseillais in Mexico, Maeva Ghennam reportedly went to great lengths to reconcile with Greg. If at first he was rather reluctant, he finally let his heart speak … So Greg and Maeva Ghennam went back to filming as a couple. Marseillais in Mexico. But today, are they still together? We let you discover the Instagram stories of blogger Aqababe which can be found just below.

Maeva Ghennam – Credit (s):

As you can see, the blogger first said: “I was sent a video of him with girls at Gipsy. I don’t even know, frankly. He was just talking at the table. I didn’t find it necessary to post it. After me, I never believed in Greg and Maeva period “. And in the process, he made it clear that he had never spoken of infidelity. He writes : “I never said he cheated on him. I said he was at the restaurant with his friends and he spoke with girls in all good, all honor. I didn’t see the need to share that. And that’s only my opinion when I say that Maeva and Greg, I don’t believe it. They don’t go together, it doesn’t work. That’s my opinion, that’s all “.

Greg and Maeva Ghennam in the cold?

At the drafting of melty, we therefore searched a little on the social networks of the two emblematic candidates of the Marseillais. And we could see that they were still following each other on Instagram … Which is rather a good sign to prove to us that they are not cold! And next to that, we noticed that the photo they posted for the New Year is still there. Between Greg and Maeva Ghennam, so it seems to be going well … Their love story is obviously still relevant today!

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