Maduro: ‘Berghuis the only Ajax player who has reached his level imperturbably’

Hedwiges Maduro sees Steven Berghuis as the only Ajax player who has reached a certain level during the past weekend. The team from Amsterdam ended up in a crisis due to the lesser game and the resulting lesser results, but the left leg remained reasonably upright.

‘I think Berghuis is the only Ajax player who has reached his level imperturbably,’ said the former Ajax player. In the broadcast of football talk on ESPN he explains his point of view. “You watched him and he did his best. Against FC Emmen I really had the idea that he wanted to show something. I didn’t have that with a number of players.’

Bram van Polen will also talk about the qualities of Jurriën Timber. “Despite his mediocre last matches, I think he is so complete and so good,” he says. “Maybe Timber was already a bit worried about the World Cup, but he’s so good. He can defend in big and small spaces and on the ball he’s always so calm with those body feints of his.’

Pasveer or Bijlow in Orange?

Finally, the Dutch national team is also discussed. On Monday it was announced that Remko Pasveer would travel to Qatar with shirt number 1, but that means nothing to Maduro. ‘In fact, I think Bijlow will just play goalkeeping. Everyone thinks that Pasveer is going to keep and he (Louis van Gaal, ed.) wants to give him (Justin Bijlow, ed.) little pressure.’

‘He also said in his interview that Pasveer is more of a team player. You don’t say that about your first keeper, because he always keeps’, continues the former Ajax player. ‘In other words: he will sit on the bench, because then you have to be a team player. Noppert is the penalty specialist and Bijlow the keeper of the future. My feeling says that Bijlow is going to keep.’

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