Madonna “twerks” in lingerie on TikTok, shocked fans: “But what’s happening to her? Someone help her” – VIDEO

“Please, someone help her, I’m seriously scared”, “But what is happening to her?”. These are just some of the hundreds of comments from users who are increasingly worried and amazed by the videos posted by Madonna on TikTok. The latest, chronologically, captures the 64-year-old pop star in lingerie and fishnet stockings as she squirms to the rhythm of the music, “twerking” and winking mischievously in the direction of the camera. The video obviously went viral, but more than appreciation it has garnered criticism. And, after the topless selfie, her fans are finding it increasingly difficult to recognize their icon (not just because of the excesses of Botox): these provocations, in fact, have nothing to do with her performances in the 1980s and Ninety who made history.

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