Madonna: The singer scandalizes Internet users because of her … vagina!

Why everyone has only been talking about Madonna since Wednesday May 11 on social networks. The 63-year-old star had the brilliant idea of ​​surfing the wave of NFTs.

She offered her followers her very first collection of non-fungible tokens (the definition in French) entitled “Mother of Creation”, by partnering with crypto-artist Beeple. The singer has created animated videos in which she appears, in the form of an avatar, completely naked, but that’s not what caused the talk. It is rather the 3D model of the vagina of the interpreter of Like A Virgin, also appearing in cartoon form. The series was auctioned for the benefit of several charities including Voices for Children. The initiative is good but the mockery has however fallen on the celebrity.

Netizens called the Queen of Pop a “desperate for attention”as reported The Mirrorjudging his 3D videos quite “weird” and “frightening”. Faced with criticism, Madonna wanted to defend herself. “I do what women have done since the dawn of time, which is to give birth”she said. “But on a more existential level, I give birth to art and creativity and we would be lost without both”she added. “I think it’s really important that a lot of thought and conversation has gone into creating these videos”. She concluded by saying: “My journey through life as a woman is like that of a tree. Beginning with a small seed, always growing against the resistance of the Earth. The infinite weight of gravity”.

Words that are not going to calm the many violent comments that she has received for two days on the web!

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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