Madonna rages against Instagram after naughty photo series: ‘It’s lucky I’ve kept my sanity’

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No, Madonna is not stuck under the bed.

But you could be led to believe that if you look at the photo series that the singer has shared on her Instagram, where she with her choice of clothes and poses probably makes one or two close their eyes.

She has at least made Instagram react because it was possible to see the singer’s nipples in some of the photos. This is not allowed according to Instagram’s guidelines, so they removed the photos.

»I share these pictures again, which Instagram took out without any kind of warning (…) It is still amazing to me that we live in a culture where you have to see every part of a woman’s body except her nipple . As if it is the only part of the female anatomy that can be sexualized, ”she writes.

At the same time, she expresses joy that she has not gone out of her mind after experiencing censorship, sexism, age discrimination and misogyny over four decades.

The images have not only stirred the 63-year-old singer’s own duck pond.

Too many have responded and there is both mockery and homage.

The former rapper 50 Cent has shared the picture where Madonna is messing around under the bed.

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“This is the funniest thing. It is Madonna who is lying under the bed and trying to make ‘Like A Virgin’ as a 63-year-old, “he writes with reference to Madonna’s big hit.

Also the actress Kate Beckinsale has shared photos one of the text message correspondence with her daughter Lily Sheen, where she pictures her in that it is her who is lying with her rump in the air.

And the relief is great for the daughter as it dawns on her that it is not the mother in the pictures.

“It would not be embarrassing for me if you shared such a picture, but I would be worried,” writes Lily Sheen.

However, many also express their enthusiasm in the comments to Madonna’s post. Both for the pictures and for her message.

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