Madonna energized in underwear on Instagram: Nipples and thong visible … the new provocation of the star makes the fans scream!

The queen of pop strikes again! Madonna published Wednesday, November 24, a series of photos of her, very little dressed (lingerie, fishnet stockings and Christian Louboutin heels, editor’s note) on social networks. The star has admired pictures on which we can see her lying on her bed, exposing her chest or even her buttocks.

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“An angel watches over me”, wrote the interpreter Papa Don’t Preach in the caption, alluding to the stone angel on the wall behind her.

And in her story, the artist also shared a quote from poet Mary Oliver, which read: “Beauty without a goal is beauty without virtue, but all beauties by nature have this function … to excite viewers to sublime thought … glory to the world, this good teacher.”

In the comments, Internet users went wild:

“Instead of doing those ridiculous pictures, make quality music like you did before”, “Please stop photoshoping your face at this point, you don’t need it”, “Madonna I love you, but we all know you use apps with filters, “” What kind of message do you send to people who are body conscious and ashamed of growing old ?! This is unrealistic and frankly wrong. Show your beauty natural and honest and get rid of those ridiculous apps “,” I don’t understand all this denial of self, of your own aging and changing body “,” It’s a desperate call for attention “,” Having self-respect at this age will suit you better “,” Stop showing your ass (…) Now it’s just classless and it has nothing to do with your age. “, could we read.

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