Madhya Pradesh News There may be a 10 percent increase in the bonus amount of 40 lakh tendu leaves workers

Madhya Pradesh News: Bhopal (State Bureau). The bonus amount of about 40 lakh tendu leaves workers in the state is being increased by 10 percent. That is, in the coming time, the workers will get 80 percent of the dividend amount as a bonus. This amount is being increased by reducing the amount of infrastructure development. The MP State Minor Forest Produce Association is bringing this proposal in the proposed Board of Directors meeting on 22nd September. Which is fully expected to be stamped because at present there is no elected president in the Forest Produce Association. By doing this, the privilege of the president of the union to spend three percent of the amount at his discretion will also be cut.

The Vanopaj Sangh sells tendu leaves worth one thousand crore rupees on an average every year. There is a profit of about 500 crore rupees by selling tendu leaves. So far, 70 percent of the amount is distributed to the workers as bonus. Whereas 15 percent amount is spent on infrastructure development in the villages of tendu leaf workers and the remaining 15 percent amount is spent on plantation. Forest Produce Association is cutting the amount of infrastructure development.

Out of this amount, three per cent of the amount is available to the Speaker to spend at his discretion, which has been usually spent on taking political advantage. Most of the presidents have been spending the amount in their own area. This is the reason why this proposal could not be brought in the last meeting of the Board of Directors. During the Congress rule, Virendra Giri became the president of the union and only then the officials had brought this proposal, but Giri stopped it.

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