Maddy Burciaga pregnant with her first child: things don’t go as planned for Benjamin Samat’s darling…

Maddy Burciaga is pregnant with her first child which should point the tip of its nose in October. A little boy as she announced on Instagram on April 10. But while Benjamin Samat’s darling will soon begin her last trimester, things get complicated.

Starting with the heat, which she can no longer bear. Yet accustomed to the climate of Dubai, where she lives a good part of the year, the heat wave in France is not easy to manage, especially at 25 weeks of pregnancy. Just like the “hormone spikes” and water retention issues she’s been dealing with. Maddy is aware of this, this third trimester will be “the most complicated”. Fortunately, she can count on the support of the future dad who never leaves her with one eye. And be reassured, this is not the only reality TV candidate to encounter difficulties related to her pregnancy at the moment.

Nabilla, who gave birth to her second child, little Leyann, on June 5, was very worried a few days before giving birth. Among the stories of complicated pregnancies, there is also Shanna Kress, who, pregnant with twins, announced on June 10 that one of the two babies had trisomy 21. “So we asked the doctor to terminate the pregnancy of the baby with Trisomy 21. It’s difficult but it’s our choice. So we had to sign a document and we will have to keep the two children until childbirth”she said alongside Jonathan Matijas in a video posted on their channel Youtube. “We are happy to be faced with this truth. Even if it is not easy, because there is one who will have his heart which will stop. It is you who signs the judgment of his heart, it’s not easy. But we do it for our reasons (…) It belongs to us”, had explained the future dad. Anticipating criticism, Shanna Kress took the plunge: “People can judge, say what they want, but children with Down syndrome are complicated. They will be criticized all their lives. Daily life is complicated. As parents, it’s complicated”.

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