‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: Acclaimed Academy Award Winner to be REMOVED from Netflix; Know when!

The acclaimed Oscar winner ‘Mad Max: Road of Fury‘, directed by George Miller and starring Charlize Theron e Tom Hardy, will be removed from the Netflix coming soon. The production will leave the schedule on the next day December 1st.

The plot takes place in an apocalyptic world, where Max Rockatansky believes that the best way to survive is not to depend on anyone. However, after being captured by the tyrant Immortan Joe and his rebels, Max finds himself in the middle of a deadly war, started by the Empress Furious – who tries to save a group of girls. Also trying to escape, Max agrees to help Furious. But this time, tyrant Joe is even more relentless as he had something irreplaceable stolen.

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Released in 2015, ‘Mad Max: Road of Fury‘ is considered a success by the specialized critics, achieving 97% of positive ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, in addition to receiving six Oscar statuettes out of ten nominations, including Best Picture.

Despite this, the feature only raised $378.9 million around the world, from a budget of $150 million.

Nicholas Hoult, Zoë Kravitz e Riley Keough also star.

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Remembering that the derivative ‘Mad Max: Furiosa‘ has a debut forecast for June 2023.

According to the Deadline, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (‘Aquaman, Watchmen‘) will also be part of the cast.

Unfortunately, the Oscar winner Charlize Theron won’t reprise the eponymous role this time around, as the plot will focus on his rise into youth.

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talking to the The Hollywood Reporter, Theron admitted to being devastated by the news:

“That was hard to digest Listen, I totally respect the George and even more after having made the film with him. He is a master and I wish him nothing less than the best. But yeah, it’s a little heartbreaking for sure. I was devastated. I really love this character and am so grateful that I played a small part in creating her. She will always be someone I think about and think about with affection. Obviously I would love to see this story continue and if he feels that this is the way he has to go I trust him in that regard. We’re so preoccupied with the little details that we forget that what we’re emotionally involved in has nothing to do with the work we’re focusing on.”

In an interview with The New York Times, Miller had revealed that originally the idea was to bring Theron back as Furious through facial rejuvenation technology, but eventually decided to cast a new actress.

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