Macron wants to ‘break the boxes’ to the no vax? Pure madness

by Vittorio De Vecchi Lajolo

The words of Emmanuel Macron, which he recently told the newspaper The Parisian to want piss off (ie, “breaking the boxes”) ai not vaccinated, have sparked an uproar of criticism, not only in France. Responding to the objection of an RSA employee who pointed out that 85% of intensive care places were occupied by unvaccinated people, the president stated verbatim: “What you just said is the best argument. In democracy, the worst enemy is there lie and stupidity. We put pressure on the unvaccinated by limiting their access to social activities as much as possible. On the other hand, almost all of the people – more than 90% – have joined. The refractory minority is a small minority. How is it reduced? It reduces her, I’m sorry to say, like this, breaking her balls even more. I am not in favor of pissing off the French. I swear at the administration all day when it blocks them. Well, the unvaccinated I really want to piss. And so we will continue to do so, until the end. This is the strategy. I will not put them in prison, I will not have them vaccinated by force. And so we must tell them: starting from January 15th, you will no longer be able to go to the restaurant, you will no longer be able to drink a glass, you will no longer be able to go for a coffee, you will no longer be able to go to the theater, you will no longer be able to go to the cinema … ” .

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Obviously Macron forgets that in the – very long – list of the “worst enemies of democracy” there is also and above all arbitrariness: the will of those who, instead of adhering scrupulously to the principle of legality advocated by their revolutionary compatriots of 1789, make decisions on the basis of a personal moral judgment. In France there is no general obligation to undergo a vaccine anti Covid: it is Macron himself, as we have seen, who does not want it. This means that those who do not get vaccinated make a choice as legal as those who do get vaccinated.

Claiming that the balls of the unvaccinated are broken is like saying that you have to break the balls of those who pollute using the plane instead of the train, or those who practice abortions, those who go hunting, those who smoke, those who decide to have it done. homeschooling to children etc. etc .. All potentially risky activities for others that some, in a personal capacity, criticize, but which are perfectly legal they cannot in any way be censored by those who represent the state.

Therefore, assuming and not granted that the solution to the practical problem (too many unvaccinated in intensive care) is to vaccinate everyone, Mister President should have the courage to impose vaccination by law. And here too moldy moralism has no right of citizenship: if there is no place in intensive care it is not “the fault of the unvaccinated” simply because it is not their responsibility to make the places available. It is the state that must guarantee the necessary care for all. If it does not succeed, it must increase investments, beds, prevention programs etc. etc. – after two years of pandemic we certainly cannot claim to be taken by surprise.

Certainly, in this perspective, among the many conceivable remedies there is also the obligation to vaccinate. But it cannot be passed off, as it does, for one punitive measure against the ugly and bad unvaccinated. Rather it would be a limitation of the freedom of the individual painfully necessary to deal with an emergency. But as long as the obligation is not there, whoever represents the state owes to an unvaccinated the same respect which he owes to a vaccinated.

But nothing, Macron adds to the dose: “When my freedom puts that of others at risk, I become a irresponsible. An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen ”. It is not even enough to piss them off: those who, on the basis of non-juridical and subjective criteria, “put the freedom of others at risk” deserve to be ostracized and expelled from the social context. Pure madness. Democracy is resistant to moralism: even to this sort of secular bigotry. The only source of legitimacy in democracy is the law. If there is an irresponsible person who puts someone’s freedom at risk, it is the one who makes the wrong laws or does not make the right ones.

This dangerous aberration, also widespread in Italy, is a symptom of one deep confusion between merit and method. Here neither the goodness of vaccines, now amply confirmed by data, studies and daily empirical tests, nor the goodness of the vaccination obligation, certainly more questionable, is in question. Here the method is in question, which is the essence of democracy. It seems to me that there is not sufficient awareness of the risk it represents the ignorance of those who allow themselves this kind of trespassing, especially when he holds public office. On the basis of what criteria is it legitimate to judge the conduct of citizens? If will, subjective moralism and sectarianism are allowed to become sources of legitimacy the foundations of democracy are undermined. Today it is Macron who wants to piss the balls off the unvaccinated, tomorrow it could be Marine Le Pen who wants to piss off the immigrants, homosexual couples, Muslims.

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It would be better to remember and treasure what a great liberal wrote like Luigi Einaudi in the midst of one of the darkest moments for democracy and humanity: “The citizen owes obedience to the law; but to none other than the law. The law is a known and clear norm, which cannot be changed by the will of any man, be he the first of the state. It is not immutable; but its mutation must be preceded by a wide, free, open discussion, to which all must be able to give their own contribution in advance, from the humblest citizen to the sovereign “. (Memorandum, 1942-1943).

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