M6 gives up its afternoon TV movies: discover the new daring choice made by the channel

At the dawn of the looming summer, M6 has decided to clean up its programs. Even if it means separating from some that have become unmissable for the faithful of the chain. This is already the case in particular on Friday evening. If this weekend was previously dedicated to American police series like NCIS, it is now devoted to cinema or entertainment. Same observation for Saturday evening which, on May 28 and June 4, offered the return of Julien Courbet’s magazine, “Arnaques!”.

But the sixth channel has also decided to revamp its afternoons. If Cristina Cordula and her “Queens of shopping” are always there at snack time to pop the buttons and the certainties of serial-shoppers in need of thrills, the previous time slot experienced a certain facelift this Monday, June 13 . Since 2 p.m. today – and for an indefinite period – the box “Un jour, une histoire” has been replaced by a new daily appointment called “Un jour, un doc”, which, as its name suggests, will offer documentaries to viewers present.

Positive, informative, exotic, ‘Un jour, un doc’ highlights personalities and places, such as you have never seen them“, announced the press release of the channel. “The magazine makes you discover hobbies, professions and extraordinary activities of French people, in France and abroad“, indicates M6. This new box will be offered between 2 p.m. and 3:50 p.m., before giving way to the earthy Brazilian and her window-shopping friends. offered around 4:30 p.m.

M6 will therefore try with this new proposal to compete with Faustine Bollaert and her guests from “It starts today” and TF1 which continues to offer the TV films which follow the broadcast of the JT by Marie-Sophie Lacarrau.


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