M5s, the unknown factor Parliamentary: provided for by the Statute, but “making them in August is complicated”. And Grillo closes on the exceptions to the two mandates

It was he himself who talked about it in an old blog post: the limit of two terms between the House and the Senate could have left the road open to candidacies for the European Parliament or ai Regional councils. “Belin, earn even more …”, he joked with the parliamentarians closest to him. But now Beppe Grillo is also contrary to this hypothesis: “In reality he was never really convinced, and now he is firm on the two-mandate rule, granite. Grillo does not want any derogation, in the most absolute way “, they explain to theAdnKronos sources close to the founder of the 5-star Movement. Therefore, for those who have been elected twice, the race would stop regardless: no “leap” in the Regions or in Brussels, or vice versa. Or at least this is the idea that Grillo in mind, struggling in these hours with phone calls and meetings via Zoom. On the other hand, the guarantor of the Movement caresses other “plans B”: for example, employing the “veterans” – not only deputies and senators, but also regional and MEP councilors – in the M5s training schoolto share their experiences.

However, the knot of the third term remains on the table. And in the 5-star home, there are also questions about the next moves of Giuseppe Conte, today disappeared from the radar and from the headquarters of Campo Marzio. Although pessimism prevails among the big players struggling with the unknown reappointment, the idea is made room, that in the end the former premier something will emerge: a “micro-derogation“, But“ in the order of 4-5 people maximum“, The same sources estimate in an interview with theAdnKronos. Meanwhile, totonomi continues on the candidacies for the next round. Today Conte’s spin doctor, Rocco Casalinoreturned to deny that his race has already been decided: “Any reconstruction that is circulating in these hours is to be understood as without foundation and therefore totally made up“. Another name that bounces between the House and the Senate is that of Nina Montia professional with a key role in Grillo’s communication, but also clearly denied by the circle of the guarantor.

Another unknown factor is that of “parliamentary“, That is the votes of the base that so far have decided the candidacies in the M5s house: consultations foreseen, moreover, by the Statute in article 7, letter A.” It will be complicated put them on their feet ”, the Movement points out, also because the rules require that aspiring deputies and pentastellated senators present the criminal record and the certificate of pending charges. “Documents difficult to pull out in August. You might be wondering the Network vote on the lists to hurry and remedy. Sure, a nice mess … “, observes a big pentastellato at theAdnKronos. Even on this, however, the ball is in the hands of Conte, who will have to decide quickly to avoid another dogma in the 5-star home.

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