M5s, the treasurer: “Will Crimi and Taverna be consultants of the group in Parliament? It is not illegal, others hire suspects and investigators “

“I think there are more important issues for the country to discuss. Absurd to argue about collaborators which the parliamentary group legitimately believes to assume”. Elisa Pirrotreasurer of the M5s parliamentary group a Madame Palacespeaking with the Adnkronos agency confirmed that Vito Crimi And Paula Tavern will be consultants in Parliament for the 5 stars. The news of the 70 thousand euro contract was anticipated by Republic Sunday 13 November and if at first Taverna said he knew nothing about it, confirmation arrived in the following hours. “I think there are fundamental skills and resources for the M5s,” said Pirro. “If it was decided to take advantage of it I think that’s a great thing, we are not doing anything shocking, illegal or that we should be ashamed of. I don’t even understand why this should be discussed.”

Taverna and Crimi were not re-nominated because they reached their second term in Parliament. And Pirro defended the decision to keep the two historical exponents of the 5-star Movement: “There are political groups”, he said, “which make use of the collaboration of persons under investigation, inquisition, about which one could discuss under ten thousand different aspects as far as it is about ethics and morality, and instead the M5s fleas, which decides to make use of the collaboration of two people with impeccable morality, ethics and honesty and who have immense experience with regard to the politics of the M5s. I find it really surreal that this is being discussed“. In recent days, he has made the decision not to renew the contract of the photographer and videomaker discussed Nicola Virzì, one of the founders of the Movement. “Who said that to make room for Taverna and Crimi the contracts of others weren’t renewed? Is a photographer compared to political consultancy? Come on,” concluded Pirro. “The coaching staff has been evaluated. Unfortunately we are no longer 350 parliamentarianschoices had to be made that were painful for those who made them as well as for those who suffered them ”.

Senator M5s also intervened on the case Hector Licheri: “For the Republic”, he said, “the salary cuts that 5-star parliamentarians make every month is never news. Nor was the fact that they gave 2.7 million euros to charity deemed worthy of publication. No, the real news to be published appeared today: the 5 Star Movement signs a collaboration contract with Vito Crimi and Paola Taverna. None of this. As it happened, we were forced to ask two respectable people for collaboration as we did not have any prejudiced or convicted persons to fix. Plus a specialized profile and over ten years of political experience. Things that happen”.

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