M5s, the note from the leaders: “Parliament is involved in weapons”. And there is a warning to Di Maio: “Just damage the image of the 5 stars”

The demand that “Parliament be involved in military supplies”. And he warns her to Luigi Di Maio why “cease the utterances that damage the image of Movement“. After a night meeting five hours and at the end of a morning of new cross-accusations among the leaders of the M5s, the National Council has issued a note in which the political line is reaffirmed and above all a position is taken towards the foreign Minister. No expulsion, as already anticipated in the past few hours, but a distance from the accusations of having anti-NATO positions. And above all, the leaders use a formula that recalls one of the few ways out for the president: to challenge the head of the Farnesina for the “damage to the image of the M5s”.

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