M5s split, when Di Maio wanted to “go beyond NATO” in 2017: “We are crazy to bring troops to the border with Russia”

“What we ask is reviewing Italy’s commitment to NATO and of NATO itself and we are pleased that too Trump come on this line ”. Thus in a video of 2017, Luigi Di Maio, who yesterday left the 5-star Movement founding a new group called Together for the future, using dissent from the line of Joseph With you in foreign policy, considered too little Atlanticist.

For Di Maio, at the time in his first mandate as a five-star deputy, it was necessary to “go beyond NATO, not leave NATO” because “right now we are crazy to take our troops to the border with Russia”. “There Born right now it is leading troops to the border with the Russia when we believe that in the context of the fight against terrorism and peace between military powers, it is absolutely not indicated, but by fools ”, the current foreign minister said at the time.

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