M5s split, Buffagni: “Failure of our path”. Conte: “End of the Movement? Are our principles no longer valid? What do you say “

“There split and the failure 360 degrees of our path, we are all responsible is the end of ‘that’ M5s, now there is a new course with Giuseppe Conte and I am sure he will treasure what happened “. Like this Stefano Buffagni, who remains within the M5S and chooses not to follow Luigi Di Maio, arriving at the Chamber of Deputies. Misalignment on NATO positions as complained by Di Maio? “He is probably the best politician in the Movement and not anymore, but it is clear that the story of two terms has affected dynamics, it is useless for us to tell each other fables “. The pentastellato president Giuseppe Conte, intercepted by some reporters before arriving at the headquarters of the 5-star Movement, to hold a new meeting with some big names like Paola Taverna, Stefano Patuanelli and Mariolina Castellone, replies: “Is it the end of the M5s? Why are our principles no longer valid? Are our goals no longer valid? Let’s not joke “.

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