M5s, Grillo confirms the two mandates: “We all have against. Nobody deserves this Parliament ”. And to Di Maio: “Living folder”

Beppe Grillo breaks the silence and officially launches the pentastellata electoral campaign with a video published on his blog which on the one hand analyzes and defends the role of the 5 Star Movement, underlining the importance of the choices and founding principles of the formation and the attacks suffered by different political circles, and then lashes out against those he considers the main culprits of the situation: a political class and a Parliament “that no one deserves, let alone Draghi” and above all the one that has transformed from a new face to a “professional politician”, “Giggino a ‘folder” Di Maio.

“Italy deserves many things and we have not been able to do them: I feel guilty too – says the pentastellato founder, thus making mea culpa – But we have done something extraordinary: they are all against us”. And he starts with the counter-offensive against the other political forces and against the press that accused Conte and the M5s of being the cause of the end of the Draghi executive: “We are plagued. And when everyone, including the bullies of the press, is against us it means only one thing: it means that we are right ”. This is precisely the point from which the Movement, it is clear from his words, must start again to rise again after the split with the faithful in Di Maio: “Don’t worry about it. We are an antibiotic and if we lose this we lose the center of gravity in which to place ourselves “. But in addition to the principles to be followed, changes are also needed to an electoral law that at this moment makes it difficult to govern: “Italy deserves an electoral law, proportional to the barrier, it deserves a law on constructive distrust, it deserves many things and we have not been able to do them. I feel guilty too. But we did something extraordinary, they are all against us ”.

And from the next vote, the guarantor also expects a radical change in the composition of Parliament, the subject of a harsh attack on his part: “I watched Parliament as Draghi spoke and it was not Draghi who baffled me, but the vision of that Parliament there. An old vision, of people who have been there for 30 or 40 years and in which we began to be inside too, we who are also the youngest group. Nobody deserves this Parliament here, let alone Draghi. Not even the last of the Italians deserves it ”.

And one of the cornerstones of this new beginning, he explains, must be the old mantra of the two terms disliked by the foreign minister: “We may be dead in 15 days, I don’t know. But I know that these two mandates of ours are light in darkness, they are the interpretation of politics in a new way, like a civil service. Both I and Casaleggio when we made these rules we did not do it for ‘experience’, to move forward, but because it takes an interpretation of politics in a new way. We are these and the law of the two mandates must become a law of the state. Italy deserves a law on two terms and on changes of jersey ”. And the reference, if it were not already clear enough, is to the former pupil Luigi Di Maio: “We need a new interpretation of politics and I tell you the truth: all these upheavals, these defections in our Movement, these disappearances are caused by this law (of the two mandates, ed) which is unnatural, which is against the human soul. There are people who do this job, enter politics and then become a ‘folder’. Giggino in the folder is now beyond waiting for the moment to file himself in some NATO ministry. And he called dozens and dozens of folders that are waiting like him to be filed in some ministry ”. In closing, then, a joke that is also a dig at the outgoing premier Mario Draghi, until now almost ignored in the attacks of the pentastellato founder on the current political class: “I embrace you all, I would like a courage to pass on to you, I have a heart that it beats: I have the heart of an accountant other than the heart of the bankers ”.

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