M5s, Conte: “The citizens ask us to leave the government, but we stay and nobody tells us to be quiet and good. M5s? Brand still valid “

“Let’s consider the brand M5S still a quality brand, still efficient ”and“ I have no ambitions to replace the brand of the 5 Star Movement my surname”. So the president of the M5S, Giuseppe Contereplying to a question from Ilfattoquotidiano.it, during a press conference in the headquarters of the Movimento 5 Stelle in Rome, the day following the result of the Administrations considered by the M5s president himself as “unsatisfactory”. “If the M5s would need a deeper reset, almost a new political entity, more than a territorial reorganization? We believe that the M5s brand is still valid, if we fail to communicate it we ask ourselves and the answer is probably that we have not been able to work in contact with citizens. If so, we are wrong, we must roll up our sleeves and talk to the citizens ”, added Conte. Reiterating however, after the (failed) experiment of the ‘ConTe’ list presented in Rieti: “I have not endorsed any listsbecause I work with us and not with the ego, and I don’t think that a political project should develop on a personal basis ”.

With regard to the Draghi government, however, Conte reiterated how several citizens and voters have asked the exit of the M5s from the executive: “The request is continuous, insistent and our electorate is suffering because we are probably not good at explaining why we are supporting the government”. But he continued: “We are up to the Government to tell the Government to make an income policy. We are responsible but that no one tell us stay in the government but be quiet and good because we do not accept it. Nobody thinks there can be a suspension of the political dialectic ”.

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