Lynx, the latest sightings in Italy. What do the spots on the fur reveal?

Rome, 4 August 2022 – Lynx, the return? Among the latest sightings those in valleys of Lanzo on Piedmontese Graian Alps. Yet there is not too much to cheer. Why, explains the zoologist Luca Lapini, “the animal is in the process of extinction, again. We just have to hope that there will be arrivals from Eastern countries “.

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What is the identikit of the lynx?

“The lynx – explains Lapini – is a predator of ungulates , mainly captures roe deer, chamois and small deer. It can exceed 20 kilos and has a hunting technique that allows it to kill even ungulates of a certain size “.

Who are the enemies of the lynx?

Among the enemies of the lynx, the hunters , is Lapini’s analysis. Together with the wild boars , which steal its prey and force it into great stress. It goes like this, reveals the zoologist: “The lynx is an exclusive predator of live animals, it kills a prey every 3-4 days and then returns to consume it where it abandons it”. But here he often finds the nasty surprise. They got there first wild boars who put her in crisis because they steal her meal. “This phenomenon – explains the expert – is called claptoparasitism ” and forces the lynx to go back to hunt.

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Where do lynxes live in Italy?

But where are the lynx specimens found in Italy? The presence of these predators “was ascertained in the Valle del Chiese , between Brescia and Trento. It is a male from Switzerland. He’s covered 200 kilometers, which is a lot for these animals. ”They’re not cool types jackal gold , great walker started from Ganges and now arrived on Tiber .

Other lynx appearances are reported on Friulian Carnic Alps “but let’s talk about 10 specimens in Italy, even less “. The final verdict: “We are below the survival threshold “.

What reintroduction projects?

But around us, says Lapini, “a great deal is underway reintroduction project of the lynx, it concerns Croatia and Slovenia “. Beyond our borders, however, between Austria and Switzerland (above all),” can be estimated the presence of 150 specimens “.

In Switzerland, adds the expert, “the lynxes are highly protected by the authorities, because they capture the weakest individuals among the ungulates and thus contribute to keeping the species healthy”.

What do the spots on fur tell us?

Lapini reveals: “The lynxes are reviewed with the photographic method because the arrangement of spots on the fur it is always individual. So each lynx has its own. ”

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