Lyes Louffok: Tortured, raped and starved in a home, he tells of his ordeal in On est en direct

Guest on the set of the show We are live On November 13, 2021, Lyes Louffok unveiled the horror and abominations he experienced as a child. Placed in a first loving foster family when he was 18 months old, the little boy began his life with Emilie, who treated him like his own son. Unfortunately, Lyes is forced to change host family when she is 4 years old because Emilie wants to move to the South. But when she wanted to adopt him and take him with her, Lyes is placed with another foster family. The reason ? Lyes should not be too far geographically from his mentally ill mother under guardianship.

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In this new family with the one he nicknames “l’horrible dame blonde“, the child knows the worst abuse.”I slept on a piece of polystyrene, in an empty room, I ate alone, I was not in school, she hit me“he says in his book In the hell of homes (ed. Flammarion). Facing Laurent Ruquier andLéa Salamé, he confides: “It was two years that were extremely painful because I had known an extremely loving foster family so I went from a lot of love to chaos. And that lasted two years without the social services noticing it precisely because there are very few controls today.

The boy is then sent to a home after social services (belatedly) realize the treatment of the little boy. “What you are showing in these homes is the situation is terrible. says Léa Salamé, “It is the law of the strongest. The big rule over the little ones. They will hit them, they will insult them, there will even be rapes. You are going to be raped in one of these homes …” “YesLyes replies, touched at the evocation of these atrocious memories.

Then placed in a foster family where he was drugged, Lyes then goes through the homes but continues despite everything to see Emilie, mother of his first foster family with whom he has always kept in touch. After further bullying in yet another foster family, Lyes finally finds a loving family with Yasmina with whom he finds “love and trust“. He will stay there until he comes of age.”This was the reconstruction“he reveals in his book.

Lyes Louffok’s story inspired the TV movie Nobody’s child broadcast on Monday, November 15 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2.

On the audience side, the show We are live by Laurent Ruquier (who also received Gabriel Attal, Franz-Olivier Giesbert, Thomas VDB, Blanca Li, Hoshi, Isabelle Carré and Fabien Olicard) mobilized 864,000 viewers and 14.6% of the public aged 4 and over between 11:25 pm and 1:50 am.

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