Lupita Nyong’o surprises by eating dessert with insects

Last Thursday night (7/21), Lupita Nyong’o, an Oscar-winning actress for Best Actress, decided to try a delicacy made with ants. The artist ate the delicacy during an event organized in namerenowned restaurant in Los Angeles.

In a video posted by her on the social network, Lupita appears at the moment she tastes the food, which appears to be a type of dessert made with fruits and covered by insects.

“It’s ants,” Nyong’o said during the video, as she shows the dessert to her cellphone camera. Then, after taking the first bite, Lupita is surprised “It’s really good! It’s not crispy or anything.”

In the caption of the post, the actress still jokes: “You can call me ‘Ant-Woman’!”. In the comments of the post, several people were shocked, and even disgusted, by the appetizer. “No! I’m itchy right now,” joked an anonymous woman. “I don’t know, sis. It seems that this fell under the fridge”, joked a second follower of the actress. “No! In my head, I’d be wondering if they’ll form back in my stomach like corn does. I’m kidding, but I still wouldn’t eat this!”, pointed out another follower of Lupita.

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