Lupine part 3: Omar Sy (Assane) announces the start of filming

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Fans of the gentleman burglar played by Omar Sy have been waiting for almost six months, hoping to find out more about the sequel. Indeed, since last July when the actor teased the first details of part 3 of Lupin, it’s radio silence. A silence which fortunately will not last forever! And for good reason, the interpreter of Assane Diop in the Netflix series has just made the long-awaited update. The French star has officially claimed that part 3 of Lupin was currently being filmed in the City of Light. Information he shared via his Twitter account.

For this, Omar Sy posted a photo of him all smiles with the rooftops of Paris and the Eiffel Tower in the background. A photo accompanied by the following caption: Here, it is (always) Paris! Lupine, Part 3, filming in progress“.

An exciting update for Netflix show aficionados since this suggests a possible release for the new burst of episodes by the end of 2022. This would therefore mean that the serivores will not have to wait too long before knowing the fate of the Arsene imitator, still considered the most wanted man in France even after the arrests of Hubert Pelligrini and the commissioner Dumont. A hypothesis to be taken with enormous tweezers, however, as the platform has not officially confirmed anything. Until then, discover the questions that are still being asked about part 2 of Lupin.

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